Thank you for wanting to find out more about us    🙂

We’re the Norfolk and Suffolk area of the Long Distance Walkers Association, or the LDWA. We’re a friendly and welcoming group and we’re keen to attract new members who share our ridiculous passion of walking so far. But, do not be put off, it’s addictive and fun as well as being healthy.

We have social walks throughout the year where everyone is welcome to come along and enjoy a long walk in the sun (it never rains on an LDWA walk – well, only occasionally). We also have three or four challenge walks every year, which are events we organise and are popular events which hundreds of walkers and runners take part in. We also have our annual walking holiday where we go and walk long distances somewhere else, as well as drink, eat and be merry.

Membership of the national organisation costs £15 per year, and you will receive access to the web-site and copies of Strider magazine posted to your very own letter-box (or someone else’s if you so prefer) throughout the year. That contains details of all the walks taking place in the country, so lots of exciting choices! You can join on-line at:

Local membership costs £3 per year or £20 for lifetime membership of the Norfolk and Suffolk group. This is ridiculously good value for money. Not only do you get a lovely e-mail from the Treasurer saying hello, we’re also great at giving away ice creams and free offers such as a discount off the group’s Christmas meal. You can find a form to do this at:

Please note that you can only be a local member of the Norfolk & Suffolk group if you’re a member of the national organisation.