Norfolk and Suffolk LDWA Christmas Meal 2017

One of the advantages about walking with the LDWA is the food. The Christmas meal is one of the most exciting social highlights of the year for the group, where 25 or so members from the Norfolk and Suffolk group get together to gossip about the year and to plan events for the forthcoming year.

Below are a random selection of photos from the day, so have a look through at the laughs, tears and fights (we didn’t actually have any fights this year though to be fair). There was also a walk held before the meal, wonderfully led by Simon, and there will be a separate blog post about this. It was a cold morning with snow on the ground, but the worst of the weather held off and the walk went particularly well.

The meal was held at the White Horse Inn at Stoke Ash in Suffolk, where we’ve had it for the last couple of years. As a selling point of the LDWA in our area, we subsidise the meal by £10 per person for members, an excellent state of affairs given that life membership of our area costs just £20. For anyone who wants to join the LDWA it’s currently £13 per year to join the national organisation and £3 per year to join the Norfolk and Suffolk group (or £20 for the life membership just mentioned).

The main course meal, turkey and the trimmings. Very lovely   🙂    Nearly everyone had two or three courses, whereas brave Julian went through four courses.

Simon is a local landowner, a little like the Duke of Westminster, but just with less land. On his extensive estates he has found numerous historic artefacts over the years and they form part of the annual quiz. Simon is the organiser of the meal and it’s fair to say that he does an absolutely brilliant job of it. Chelle organises the rest of the quiz and she had a lot of fun drinking and reading out the questions. There was some controversy at one of the Christmas anagrams which was wrong, with some members being very angry indeed (they weren’t really, I just like stirring things up).

Peter, who as anyone knows who comes to our challenge events, is one of those people who always thinks about food. Here he is taking away the mince pies from our table for his own consumption. Luckily I had already had eight.

Cas, after the surprise winning of the golden boot trophy (or whatever it’s called).

The golden boot trophy, no longer held by Martin Watson.

Cas being awarded her trophy by Martin, the branch chairman who was in his usual Christmas attire  🙂

There was no expense sparred with the Christmas prizes for the quiz winners. It should be noted that team chicken bake were the winners of the quiz by quite some margin.

Chelle and Paul having some alone time (other than me photographing them).

Robert, the money man in action at the end of the meal!

Peter Edwards was given a present after he agreed to stand down as treasurer. But he was very good really   🙂

Brian, one of the trouble-makers in the group, with his lovely wife Kay.