Group Annual BBQ is a Success

Every year the Norfolk and Suffolk group of the LDWA hold a 20-mile walk and then enjoy a BBQ as a reward for their hard work. This year we offered two walks, a 12-mile walk in the morning and an 8-mile walk in the afternoon, designed to make them accessible to more members who might not want to do the entire distance.

We were fortunate with the weather and there was a good turnout at the event from members both old and new. The BBQ was hosted by Martin and Fran, with Dave offering vital milk purchasing and BBQ support. There was no shortage of food and it’s amazing to see just how much food hungry walkers can eat. The only food that we had left was salad, but that mistake is unlikely to be made again in future years.

A field, somewhere near Brampton in Suffolk.

Paul and Dave on a blackberry hunt – and we all learned how to best eat them thanks to Dave’s technique which he explained. This long distance walking teaches you so much   🙂

The BBQ starts to warm up – and there was also another BBQ going full of vegetarian delights.

Martin, the group chairman, clearly in control of proceedings.

Brian caused a lot of controversy by eating most of the crisps. Again.

Kay made three cakes for the BBQ and they were all excellent, the favourite perhaps being the lemon meringue roulade. It was agreed (well, by Julian) that next year she’d make six cakes.

Cas was delighted to see Fred.

We look forwards to the 2018 BBQ and thanks again to everyone who helped with the BBQ, the walks and writing up the blog post.