Challenge Walk Weekends

In 2018 we’re trying something new, which are three weekends away around the country which based around challenge events run by other LDWA groups. These are all in addition to the main holiday weekend which is expertly run by Simon.

The first event will be the 43rd Sevenoaks Circular Walk on Sunday 18 March 2018.

The second event will be the Smuggler’s Trod Walk in Yorkshire on 25 August 2018.

We’ll make a weekend of it by travelling on the Friday night, having a meal and drinks at a lovely pub and then having a social walk on the Saturday before another evening of a meal and drinks at another lovely pub on the Saturday evening (there’s a theme here…..) and then completing the challenge walk on the Sunday (for challenge events held on the Saturday we’ll do the social walk on the Sunday) before coming home.

The events are primarily for members of the Norfolk and Suffolk LDWA, so anyone interested please contact Simon or Julian for details. There will be more dates announced later in 2018 when more groups release details of their challenge events.